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You Can Trust In My Extensive Experience In Criminal Law

It only takes one criminal offense to put your future in jeopardy. If you are facing criminal charges, do not attempt to handle the case yourself. The criminal justice system is overwhelming and confusing when you are unfamiliar with it.

Fortunately, you can work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is also a former prosecutor. I am attorney Ron Cleek, and I served as a prosecutor in Greene and Christian counties for more than 24 years, gaining invaluable experience. Today, I represent people accused of crimes in southwestern Missouri, striving to protect their rights and their future. Contact the Law Office of Ron Cleek today so we can discuss your criminal defense needs in a free consultation.

How Can A Former Prosecutor Help?

After spending years as a prosecutor, I know how that side of the criminal justice system works. With this experience and with the relationships I built with law enforcement over the years, I can provide unique insight into criminal cases involving:

  • License suspensions and revocations
  • Moving violations
  • Drug charges
  • Assault and battery
  • Domestic violence
  • Theft and property crimes
  • Juvenile offenses

I will analyze your case through the eyes of the prosecution, looking for strengths and weaknesses in their strategy. If I find that your rights were violated, I will argue for a reduction of the charges, suppression of the evidence or a dismissal, when appropriate.

While most criminal cases resolve through negotiations, some do go to trial. After handling more than 200 jury criminal trials and 1000s of bench trials of all kinds, I have the experience and skill to pursue your case in court when that is in your best interests.

I Care About The Outcome Of Your Case

I know that criminal penalties are often harsh and can have a negative effect on your family and career. That is why I work so hard to minimize or eliminate the consequences my clients face. You can find out how I can help you by calling 417-470-2167 or sending me an email to set up your free consultation.