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Multiple types of adoption are available in the U.S.

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2023 | Family Law

If you’re hoping to receive a new addition to your family via adoption, you should know that there are several adoption options you can explore.

The type of adoption you settle for should depend on your desires and unique circumstances. Some options aren’t mutually exclusive and can overlap. Below, a few of the most common kinds of adoption in the United States.

Domestic infant adoption

One of the most common forms of adoption is domestic infant adoption. This involves adopting a newborn baby within the country. Birth parents voluntarily choose adoption, and adoptive parents are often involved in the process from the early stages of pregnancy.

Foster care adoption

Foster care adoption is another prevalent option. It involves adopting a child who is under the care of the state’s child welfare system. These children are often older, and the goal is to provide a permanent home for them when reunification with their biological families is not possible.

International adoption

International adoption is a viable option for those looking to adopt a child from another country. This process involves navigating both U.S. adoption laws and the laws of the child’s country of origin. It can be a lengthy process, but it provides a chance to give a home to a child in need from abroad.

Open adoption vs. closed adoption

Adoptive parents can also choose between open adoption and closed adoption. In an open adoption, there is ongoing contact between birth and adoptive parents, allowing for transparency and shared information. In a closed adoption, the identities of the birth and adoptive parents are generally kept confidential and there is generally no ongoing contact between the parties.

Understanding the various types of adoption available under the law is essential for aspiring parents who are considering this life-changing journey. Being well-informed about the legal processes and emotional considerations is key to whichever adoption option you choose.